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Kimono Experience

Kimono has for a long time been the way the Japanese dress up at formal occasions, important festivals, and to show a sign of politeness and good manners. It is not uncommon to see people, mostly women but also men (like sumo wrestlers!) wearing kimono in Japan and there are many different types depending on the occasion.
Here you can dress up in a beautiful Japanese kimono, have your photo taken and spend a few hours in a traditional and formal Japanese way of dressing. Choose a kimono you like, learn how to put it on, learnt how to wear it and get to know some of the details about it.

Experience Information

Title: Kimono
Time: 20 min to dress and customer can use the kimono through out the event
Option: Yes. JPY 1,000
Option includes: Make-up to match kimono look.
Option time: 30 min.
Suitable for: All ages


Wonder Park Misono Experiences